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You deserve one treat that will ensure your day starts and ends with confidence.

BOOSTNBLEND vs Toppik and Nanogen

BOOSTNBLEND® is the first hair thickening fibre product developed by women specifically for women. It is not a men's product repurposed for women, it is a women's product, designed with women's hair colours in mind. BOOSTNBLEND® is the latest in NEW technology super volumising microfibres.

BOOSTnBLEND for thinning hair in women


New cotton formula hair fibres for women

Boost n Blend outperforms Toppik, Caboki, SureThik

Toppik and Nanogen

(old technology keratin hair fibres)

Developed by women specifically for women

Developed for men by men

Specifically developed in women's hair colours Men's hair colours
High cling to hair shaft Keratin products do not cling as well
Colour fast cotton Known to have greenish tinge in sun
Natural cotton micro fibres

Made from keratin compound, derived from animals, contains chemicals

New no run formula Water soluble and so dissolves in sweat
Latest technology Old technology developed over 30 years ago
Average $2.80* per gram Average $3.49 per gram**


NEW super volumising microfibres developed for women with thinning hair.

Most of the men's hair fibre products on the market today such as Toppik and Nanogen are made from keratin, however BOOSTNBLEND® is made from cotton, a natural occurring substance that we wear next to our skin every day. BOOSTNBLEND® is less likely to irritate and clings super well to fine hair giving great coverage. Some of our ladies find they wash their hair less often as it soaks up oils, acting like a dry shampoo, as well as providing a greater volume boost.

We trialled both keratin and cotton fibres over two years and found the cotton to be a far superior product.

So What's Wrong With Keratin Hair Fibres?

As well as being present in human hair, keratin is also found throughout the animal kingdom in wool, horns, feathers, claws and hooves. It is from these sources that most keratin hair product manufacturers synthesise their keratin. So whilst you may believe that you are buying something that closely resembles or imitates human hair, you are likely to be buying animal products.

Synthesising keratin from animal parts makes keratin an ‘animal protein’ which means it naturally contains a large amount of bacteria. In order to turn the animal protein into a safe cosmetic product, significant amounts of bactericides and preservatives are required. Therefore more chemicals.

Are all keratin hair products made from animal protein?

No, not all of them, but most of them. Unfortunately, the products which are not made from animal protein aren’t any healthier. The other way to ‘make keratin’ is to mix chemicals to imitate the structure of the forms of keratin found in human hair. These types of ‘keratin’ products are purely chemical concoctions rather than natural products.

Latest Technology Cotton Hair Fibres

Keratin Hair Fibres were developed over 30 years ago and new technologies have emerged since then. We have taken the very latest in next generation hair fibres and developed a product which is 100% natural and made from cotton. Since we all wear cotton next to our skin every day we know that it is extremely unlikely for someone to have any kind of reaction.

Not only do we offer the latest technology in hair fibres, we also can boast that our hair fibres are the only range in the world that have been developed for women, by women in hair colours specifically for women.

Excellent Female Colour Range:

Our hair colours have been developed in consultation with hair colour experts to suit a wide range of colour options. Many women colour their hair and so it is vital that you choose a fibre product that has been designed for a broad colour match to both natural and coloured hair. If you are not sure, choose the colour closest to your root colour. And remember, BOOSTNBLEND® has the unique ability to blend in with your hair colour.


How does BOOSTNBLEND® work?

BOOSTNBLEND® covers up gaps in your hair or covers visible scalp showing through fine hair, by making each hair shaft appear thicker. Shake on the hair-like microfibres straight out of the bottle and get an instant result. These microfibres cling to your existing hair, no matter how fine that hair is. And it works in an instant. It is not a product promising to regrow your hair, it is a product that promises to cover up your thinning hair in only a few seconds.

BOOSTNBLEND® is a dry styling product that you fluff in to dry hair. Your hair never grows used to it and the results are consistent for as long as you want to cover up your thinning hair and visible scalp. We even know of ladies whose hair has grown back ** while using BOOSTNBLEND®. These ladies have tried some of the medical treatments and while they were waiting for the medical treatment to work, used BOOSTNBLEND® as a temporary cosmetic solution.

But does it REALLY work?

"Your product does everything your advertising said it would do" Jackie from North Sydney

Women spend so much money on promises. Promises for no wrinkles, thinner thighs, flatter tummies, faster meals, happier children, the list goes on. But sometimes something comes along that offers YOU something that you didn’t think was even possible. If there’s one thing you would really like to sort out, it’s your thinning hair which everyone can see. We can cover up your thighs and tummies, but everyone sees our hair. You deserve just one treat that will ensure your day starts and ends with confidence.

Purchase BOOSTNBLEND® today and we'll rush you a bottle. You are just days away from a new confident you.

Does BOOSTNBLEND® work for everyone?

Yes! BOOSTNBLEND® is perfect for fine, thin or thinning hair, oily or dry, strong or weak. We offer a money back guarantee because we know that once you have tried BOOSTNBLEND® you will be so amazed that you will be coming back for more and recommending it to your friends!

I am completely bald

If all your hair has fallen out then you will have to wait for even some fine hair to begin to grow back before you apply BOOSTNBLEND®. BOOSTNBLEND® hair-like microfibres needs hair to cling to - making it look thicker. Check out these photos and you will see why BOOSTNBLEND® needs some hair to cling to. But as long as you have some hair, even if it is very fine hair, BOOSTNBLEND® will work for you.


** BOOSTNBLEND® does not cause hair to grow back. BOOSTNBLEND® is not a hair regrowth product. It is a cosmetic cover up. It can be used in conjunction with medications and topical treatments designed to regrow hair, but by itself, it will not cause hair to regrow.

* BOOSTNBLEND® price when you choose to add the travel/purse pack bottle of BOOSTNBLEND® to your order for $19. Even if you do not choose to add the travel/purse pack, BOOSTNBLEND® normal price is $2.95 per gram.

** Price based on competitor's 10.3g size bottle