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I have been losing my hair for a few years now. In some lights you could see right through my hair to my scalp. I used to worry that people were looking. My hair dresser put some Boost N Blend in my hair and I was completely amazed. Now I wouldn't go out without it.



I love boost n blend. It allows me to cover my hairloss, and style my hair with ease. I’m amazed at how quickly and easily I can conceal my wide part or thinning areas! It allows me to take on the day with complete confidence, whether that be the gym or my work day. I sometimes use a light mist of hairspray for added confidence, especially on windy days.



After chemotherapy my hair didn't all grow back. I am very self-conscious of this area at the front which is very obvious where my hair has always been thin. I wanted to fix it if I could as it bothered me and so I tried Boost N Blend™. It made all the difference. Now it's completely gone. Thanks, I'm glad I gave this a try!


Ive ordered Boost N Blend for the second time. I feel very self conscious about my thinning hair and this product is like a miracle. Once I sprinkle the product on the thinning areas and rub gently with my fingers youd never know that my hairs thinning. It enables me to feel relaxed and relieved! I love this product!



I love this product so much more then the spray scalp cover up. It’s light weight and doesn’t cause any irritation to my scalp. You don’t need a lot of the product to cover the area and it stays in place. With other powder products I feel you need a lot more to cover the area. Highly recommend!!



Love the Boost and Blend hair volume. With my hair falling out and thinning on top, sides and crown, I was feeling despondent and low. My newfound confidence after using your product has certainly helped with my self esteem. My hair feels light and not weighed down as it does with other products I've used.


Before and after boost n blend showing hair loss on the crown

The Shake in Hair Loss Concealer helps disguise areas on the crown of my head where I've lost hair due to androgenic alopecia. Its helped reduce the stress and embarrassment surrounding my hair loss. I don't feel I have to keep my back to the wall anymore! thank you for this amazing product.



I've tried different types of hair concealer and this is by far the best natural coverage I've come across. The bottle is larger than previous ones I've been buying so I'm very happy with the value for money. Would highly recommend this product to anyone suffering thinning hair



Just wanted to say that this product is fabulous. My hair grew back after chemo but is thin on top. Pink scalp showed through the thin gray hair. To my surprise, application of your product virtually eliminated the view. It also stays in very well and there is no mess. Good Job


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