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Female hair loss is actually incredibly common and nothing to be ashamed of. As we age, it’s natural for our hair to thin out (especially after pregnancy, and during or after menopause). However, it’s also common for hair loss to occur prematurely due to various unexpected factors, such as stress, hormonal imbalance, illness, and others.

Not to worry, though – here at Boost N Blend we have been through this ourselves, so we set about creating a natural hair loss treatment that’s been specifically developed by women, for women. Introducing Boost N Blend, the best natural hair loss concealer and hair volumiser for women.

Boost N Blend works to boost your hair at the roots and give the appearance of naturally thicker hair, hiding the patchy areas of your scalp. It does this by using tiny cotton fibres to cling to each hair shaft and make it look up to 10 times thicker.

Our products have been tried and trusted by thousands of women all over the globe, acting to restore and revive your sense of confidence. Join us today and see the transformation for yourself.


Hair loss concealers like Boost N Blend are designed to hide the signs of female hair loss and thinning hair. Our natural hair loss treatment uses tiny, natural cotton fibres to cling to your hair.

Using cotton micro fibres which cling to each hair shaft, Boost N Blend disguises thinning hair and visible scalp by boosting the volume of your hair at the roots. Each strand will instantly appear up to 10 times thicker.

What sets Boost N Blend apart is the fact that it is the only female hair loss concealer specifically designed by women, for women. We’ve been there and experienced this debilitating condition ourselves – which is why founder Bambi Staveley has developed this unique product.

It’s also the only vegan hair loss treatment for women. Other products on the market are made with keratin, which are derived from animal products or chemicals. Boost N Blend is a completely natural product, made entirely from natural cotton fibres. That means it’s free of nasties and harmful chemicals. Keratin also tends to irritate the skin, where cotton does not. 

Men’s keratin hair fibres can be very harsh on the scalp, since they were developed with only camouflage in mind – whereas female hair fibres have been designed with regrowth in mind. Don’t load up your struggling hair follicles with chemicals from men’s keratin hair fibres. 

Read more here about what makes Boost N Blend different from the others.

Boost N Blend is available in nine different colours, which have been designed to match and blend in with the colour of your hair. If you’re not sure which colour to choose, get in touch and ask our Customer Care team.

You can also mix and match to create the shade that you want. Simply match the colour to your roots and apply the darker colour first, then top up with the lighter colour and use your fingertips to blend it in.

Boost N Blend will not grow your hair back. It is a cosmetic cover-up that acts to boost your hair’s appearance and make each strand up to 10 times thicker.


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