Grey Hair Cover Ups Made Easy

Touch up grey roots in an instant.  Hide hair loss at the front or on the crown. Great for use with Boost N Blend. Rootz paint on touch up powder is smudge proof, water proof and wax free. No need to wash off before applying hair colour (like the waxy crayons). Doesn't come off on your hands if you touch your hair.  Perfect for eyebrows too.

Perfect Grey Root Coverage

It’s a natural part of life – we all get older, and we all get grey hair. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look fabulous at the same time. Available in 6 different colours, RootZ is a high-quality, highly effective powdered grey root concealer from the Boost N Blend range. Even better, it’s 100% waterproof and completely wax-free, so it’s designed to last with minimal touch-ups needed in between.

This paint-on powder is easy to apply, and instantly covers grey roots and regrowth using reflective colour pigments to cling to your hair. It’s also great for touching up your eyebrows. Our RootZ kits come with a specially designed double-ended brush, which is perfect for easy application.

As part of the Boost N Blend range, RootZ is also designed to boost the appearance of your hair and make it look thicker and fuller. It does this by covering up visible scalp, providing a natural shadow where obvious scalp would ordinarily be visible, while also providing grey root coverage.

More Information

A grey root touch-up like RootZ is a high-quality, smudge-proof powder that’s designed to cover up grey roots, regrowth and patchy areas of the scalp. It’s available in 6 different colours to blend perfectly with your usual existing colour.

With normal daily wear, RootZ will usually last a few days. It’s also completely waterproof, so it won’t wash out if you go swimming or get caught in the rain. Feel free to touch up as needed.

RootZ acts to strengthen, rather than weaken, the natural appearance of your hair –   by camouflaging the scalp.

The hair fibres in this professionally-designed powder are made with cotton, a naturally occurring substance we wear next to our skin every day. It’s safe to use every day.

Of course! RootZ is 100% waterproof, so it’s completely safe to swim with. Once dry, it won’t come off in your hands, but will wash out easily when you need it to. In that way, RootZ is designed to carry you through whatever life throws at you.