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    Real Women Real Results

    Latest Reviews

    You were right! My hair looks younger!

    After using the Boost & Be mask on my hair before every wash for a month, I can honestly say, my hair has never looked better! My ends are soft and pretty, not scratchy and sticking out at angles. I...

    Best invention in history

    In all of my life I have wanted trendy super short hair style but I couldn’t get a this hairstyle because of my receeding hair. I now have trendy hairstyle and no one knows I have receeding hair so I...

    Great even under harsh lights!

    Thank you for your note but I would like to just point out I've been using your wonderful hair product for almost two years now, so not just ordered twice.  I swear by these fabulous fibres that take away all...

    Last for a long time

    I have been using Boost n Blend for years. My hair is thin on top and also have a double crown. I sprinkle Boost N Blend in these areas and my hair-do changes completely. I am so thankful at finding...

    BOOST Your confidence with Boost N Blend

    Looking to add volume to fine or thinning hair? Boost N Blend is a science-backed formula that uses natural fibres to give you added volume and disguise visible scalp. It’s easy to use – simply shake in and go, and you’re ready to head out with confidence.

    Female hair loss is common, with plenty of causes – from pregnancy and menopause to environmental stress. There is nothing to be ashamed of – this is a completely natural occurrence, and we have a range of solutions available to help combat this problem.

    Using Balance Hair Technology, Boost N Blend has been developed by Bambi Staveley, a former nurse (RN) dedicated to helping women with female hair loss. Together we’re working to arm our community with the solutions so they can take on the world.

    Add Extra Volume with Boost N Blend

    Fine and thinning hair is a problem many women experience, and one we can easily do something about. Some of the reasons you might experience this condition include:

    • Stress
    • Hormonal changes
    • Pregnancy
    • Menopause
    • Nutritional deficiencies, including iron-deficiency anemia
    • Genetics
    • Some medications and treatments

    As the causes of this condition are so varied, it’s always best to know what could be causing it so you can get to the root of the problem. If you’re yet to identify the cause, we recommend speaking to a qualified medical professional or clicking here.

    If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to restore volume, you’re in luck! Innovations in science, medicine, natural therapies and beauty have made it easier than ever to give you locks a lift and hide away any trouble spots. Among the formulas we have designed specifically for our community, we offer:

    • Shampoos and conditioners to help reduce strand loss concerns every time you cleanse
    • A grab-and-go volumiser that helps minimise the appearance of thinning, adding plenty of volume and shine in no time
    • Grey root coverage for greying locks or in-between regular touch-ups
    • Gift packs for the ultimate pamper-yourself experience

    Have you been looking for an affordable way to upgrade your care routine? You’ve come to the right place. Browse through our online store now.

    The Boost N Blend Solution

    Founded in Australia and now sold across the globe in Canada, the UK and the US, Boost N Blend makes it easier for women to renew their confidence and go about their day. Our company was created by a former nurse who began to suffer from hair loss and wanted to find an effective, safe solution to combat this.

    Interested in our products or the science behind our formulas? Check out our online shop or touch base with our friendly customer service team today. Give us a call on 1300 330 843 or email us at

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