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      Frizz-Free Hair Products You Can Trust

      Here at Boost N Blend, we have some of the best hair styling products and accessories online, all designed to add more volume and be kind to your hair.

      As women who have experienced female hair loss for themselves, we know what you’re looking for – and we’re committed to providing you with the very best products to make life easy and help restore your confidence. For sleek, beautiful, frizz-free hair, you can’t look past our carefully curated selection.

      Designed by women for women, our range of hair fiber sprays and frizz-free hair products is easy and super convenient to apply for when you’re on the go. Take a look through our sprays, liquid mousses, wide-tooth combs, towels and more. With the ultimate self-care kit at your disposal, you’ll look as good as you feel.


      Fine or thinning hair is prone to frizz as it tends to go dry, while also losing natural oils. To get rid of frizz, you need to restore your hair’s moisture and limit your exposure to heat damage.

      Our Boost & Be range is designed to be kind to hair and restore its natural balance, therefore reducing frizz. Our hair fiber spray is lightweight and great for rehydrating your hair, while our micro-fibre towel is oh so soft and ideal for patting your hair dry at the end. You’ll enjoy much healthier, thicker-looking hair as a result.

      When managing frizzy hair growth, it’s important to be mindful of the conditions that cause hair to go frizzy. You might notice extra frizz when you’re just blow-dried your hair, used a curling iron, or stepped out of a hot shower.

      Try to limit your exposure to heat, and let your hair dry on its own naturally. You can also use our range of frizz-free hair products and hair styling accessories to reduce frizz, while also boosting the health of your hair.

      At Boost N Blend, we have our Boost & Be™ Lightweight Frizz-Free Spray, which is great for detangling and rehydrating dry, frizzy hair. Rich with Vitamin C, the spray helps to build firmness into your hair while adding an extra shine, all without weighing your hair down.

      Our Boost & Be range also includes natural hair growth shampoos and conditioners, which are specially formulated to be kind to your hair. Check out the range today.

      Our Boost & Be Lightweight Frizz-Free Spray is specially designed to combat frizz, while being kind to damaged or thinning hair without adding any weight.

      It acts to reduce frizz by strengthening your hair with Vitamin C. This natural hair growth spray is designed with specially formulated ingredients to help nurture the health of your hair and add extra shine, while also encouraging growth.

      We also have a range of hair styling tools and accessories that are ideal for reducing frizz – from our wide-tooth combs to microfiber towels. Take a look through our carefully curated selection of products today.

      Our Micro-fibre Towel for Hair Loss has been specifically designed to reduce damage to fine or thinning hair. It’s soft, super lightweight and absorbent, making it easy to remove moisture from your hair without causing damage. By removing the effects of harsh towel rubbing, our Micro-fibre Towel acts to reduce frizz and prevent any further hair loss.