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    Boost N Blend before and after


    A woman's hair thins out for a variety of reasons and this can leave some unwanted gaps. Covering it up naturally is so easy when you know how. Boost N Blend instant shake-in cover-up fills in gaps instantly and stays in till you wash it out.

    Rain, Hail and Shine (oh yes, no visible scalp when standing in the sun!)

    Founder of Boost N Blend Bambi Staveley

    Opening her bathroom cabinet to reach for an  unsatisfactory mens hair loss product in 2008, our founder Bambi decided there and then, there needed to be a product for women.

    Afterall, why were all the hair loss products designed by men, for men? Didn't the world realise women needed hair loss support too?

    And so she created Boost N Blend, in women's hair colours. Yes, men and women do have different hair colours. The majority of men don't colour their hair for a start, and so the colours they need are not the colours we need. 

    Bambi created her hair cover up product from cotton. The men's products are all keratin based, so they come from animals and contain a large amount of chemicals. Boost N Blend is cruely free, vegan and made from natural cotton.

    Application is quick and simple, just shake it in and go. 

    Imagine the feeling of liberation and confidence when you first realise people are not looking at the top of your head in every conversation. 

    Hear what our customers have to say: 

    "I love this product! It definitely has given me a confidence booster not seeing all the glaring patches of scalp when I use it." Julie D

    "My hair is thinning and this product is great at disguising that fact. I highly recommend this for people who want to give the impression of still having a full head of hair." Tracy S

     Yes, Tracy, we agree with you! Who doesn't want the impression of a full head of hair?! 


    Boost n Blend before and after
    We get the most wonderful emails from our customers. Here's one...


    "Three months ago I bought my first Boost N Blend™ not expecting too much of the product although the video did look interesting and apparently successful.

    For many years my hair has been noticeably thin and sparse and I hoped that it would improve my look as I was about to go on a cruise with my husband and wanted to look my best.

    My husband applied the product to my hair the first time-and later commented that he could see the happiness in my face as I looked in the mirror afterwards.

    Over the years I realized how true is the saying that "hair is a woman's crowning glory" as it has always been embarrassing that people in general look at those obvious bald spots and not at you wherever you go. Health care professionals say that looks aren't everything, that people love you for who you are. Well, fine but that is so cliched as you need to be happy with yourself first.

    The confidence the product has given me is remarkable and I have been inspired to lose some extra kilos and consequently feel more like clothes shopping again.

    Incidentally, we enjoyed our cruise that celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary and it was so good to dress up for dinner and have a seemingly full head of hair.

    Thank you Boost N Blend you are a life saver."


    Still need to know more? We totally understand. This may be a completely new product to you, perhaps you are new to hair fibres? Don't worry, they are so easy to apply, you will get the hang of it in seconds.

    Do you use foundation, powder, eye shadow or mascara? Probably some if not all of those, right? Well, applying Boost N Blend is just as simple as any of these are to apply. And the result? 

    See for yourself...


    boost n blend before and after

    You may not have this much hair loss, but you can be assured now that whatever you need to cover up will be this easy. 

    Prefer to watch her apply it?



    How do the fibres stay in?

    The cotton fibres are slightly electrostatically charged and cling to each individual hair strand making it up to ten times thicker. They cling so well they stay in heavy wind and light rain and while you sleep. 

    Here's a close up image 

    boost n blend clings to hair

    Will anyone know I have hair fibres in?

    Nope. They blend right in with your hair. Impossible to tell they are in there.

    Do they wash out?

    Yes, they wash out next time you wash your hair. Then you just reapply to clean, dry hair.

    Will they prevent my hair from growing back?

    No, they don't clog pores, block follicles or cause any other issue. Our founder has had hair loss several times over the years, and each time, grown back a full head of hair while using Boost N Blend every day.

    How long does a bottle last?

    The answer depends on the amount you are covering up. But generally 3-6 months.

    What about competitive products?

    Nothing annoys us more than men pretending their products are for women. Since Boost N Blend started in 2013, most of the men's brands now have women on their websites. After decades of men not even acknowledging women's hair loss, suddenly the men's brands all call themselves unisex. But they are men's brands, made by men, for men and most of them are not colour fast. Recall seeing Rudy Giuliani on TV at a press conference with brown dye running down his face? 



    Want to see some more reviews? We have hundreds:

     Boost N Blend ReviewBoost N blend review

    boost n blend reviewBOOST N BLEND REVIEW

    If you are like us, we know you want to get this stuff on your hair as soon as possible. You can barely believe this exists. Of course it took a woman to figure out what was needed, and make it happen. Boost N Blend has been making the hearts of women all over the world sing with the confidence this product brings, since 2013. That's a tonne of women who are happier than they've ever been!

    No doubt you'd like to feel that happy too?

    All you need to do is decide what colour you want.

    There are nine colours and all of them blend across a wide range of shades. If you can't decide between two colours, choose the darker of the two. The main aim is to put your roots into shadow so that no one notices them. No scalp showing means nothing noticeable. 

    boost n blend colour chart

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    Ok, we hear you! You would prefer to try this product without paying for shipping. So all you need to do is add something to your cart to take the total value over $70. 

    You know you are going to need shampoo sometime soon, so why not try ours? Our volume shampoo and conditioner is #KindToHair and really nourishing. We have dozens of reviews for the shampoo as well if you are interested.

    Here's one:

     shampoo review

    You don't need to take our word for it, you can try this out for yourself. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our awesome products. No one takes us up on it, but ok, you could be the first and that's totally fine!

    Surprisingly we also a free colour swap if you find the Boost N Blend colour you ordered isn't quite right for you.

    Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Particularly your confidence!

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