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    Post partum hair loss

    "I have to say, l love your product. I have an 18 month old, and had a fair bit of hair fallout while breastfeeding. Some hair seems to be growing back, but a lot of it isn't. The Boost N Blend™ is great because it's quick and easy. And as a bonus it seems to cover the greys, too. I can't remember how I stumbled on your website, but I'm so glad I did!" - Andrea, VIC

    Post pregnancy hair loss is very common. Generalised thinning which results in the unexpected occurrence of visible scalp is very often seen these days among young mums.  In fact we see it more now than we did even ten years ago. If you weren't expecting this to happen, you may be worried by the unexpected occurrence of this "male problem".

    Here on the Boost N Blend™ website you will find all you need to know to fix it and a little bit of reassurance that all should return to normal - eventually. In the meantime, you can add instant volume to your hair every day or just for that special occasion...




    Too busy?

    No worries. A quick shake of Boost N Blend™ and you are ready for anything. Check out the examples below which have been achieved in only a few seconds. These tiny micro fibres have been developed by colour consultants to become invisible while clinging to each strand of hair. Made from a natural cotton fibre they allow your hair to continue to recover as your post baby hormones get back to normal. For more information in how they cling, click here.

    BOOSTNBLEND volumising hair fibres postpartum hairloss


    The science behind post pregnancy hair loss

    Normally, your hair cycles through 3 stages: anagen (growing), catagen (resting) and finally telogen (resting/falling). During pregnancy, your higher levels of oestrogen prolong the growth phase which means you have fewer hairs in the resting/falling stage and your hair is thick and lustrous. Once you’ve given birth, these oestrogen levels fall and cause (amongst other things!) a lot of hairs to enter the resting/falling stage. This usually only lasts a few months and most women have their pre-pregnancy hair back within the year.

    What can I do about it?

    Whilst you can’t stop your hair from falling out, you can make it look less
    noticeable. Boost N Blend™ has become many women’s best friend during this period of their lives; many have told us that thanks to Boost N Blend™, no one had even noticed! Read the reviews here.

    Boost N Blend™

      • Simple – so even a busy mother can shake it on and go
      • Instant – shake straight onto dry hair and it’s done. No waiting time.
      • Natural – it blends straight in with your existing hair so no one will ever notice.

      It's good to know that Boost N Blend™ doesn't stop the natural cycle of hair regrowth. You can use it while you are waiting for the problem to subside.

      There is a colour that is right for you. If in doubt as to which colour to choose, select the colour closest to your root colour since that's where you will be applying it. See the full Boost N Blend™ colour range below:

      Boost N Blend Colours


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