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New Volumising Micro fibres

The latest in hair styling products for women with thin and thinning hair.

Is your hair lifeless, fine, thin or thinning?

BOOSTNBLEND® is the latest in hair volumising technology. Millions of tiny volumising micro fibres shake on and cling to ultra fine hair giving the appearance of fuller looking locks!

Is you scalp visible through your fine hair? Not a problem for BOOSTNBLEND®. A couple of shakes in the colour that best suits your shade, and your hair instantly looks fuller.

Fine and Flat Hair

Is your hair fine and flat and oily looking on day two? Not a problem for BOOSTNBLEND®. These tiny volumising micro fibres blend in to not only soak up those pesky oils, but will give the appearance of thicker looking hair at the same time.

This effect below took just a few minutes. We applied BOOSTNBLEND® Iced Platinum Blonde and worked it into the roots. Then applied some more BOOSTNBLEND® on the surface of the hair. BOOSTNBLEND® soaks up oils, covers dark roots (and light roots too) and provides an instant volume and colour boost!


Use foils to lighten your hair?

Do you use foils to lighten your hair? Great! Then BOOSTNBLEND® will be perfect to shake on regrowth to disguise those dark roots. Simply shake on a light colour (we recommend Ice Platinum Blonde or Bold Buff Blonde).

No matter what your fine, thin or thinning hair problem, BOOSTNBLEND® can make a difference!   

Get the latest styling volumising product and get on with your busy day with confidence.