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    Customer Testimonials — Boost n Blend reviews

    Jayne B, Womberal NSW

    Thank you for your super quick delivery of my order.  I was so excited and couldn't wait to use it.  I had given up hope of finding a product to help disguise the thinning hair on my crown and was so embarrassed about it.  Now that I have discovered BoostnBlend  I am so much more confident in the appearance of my hair.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.

    Sandra, Sydney

    I have just placed my second order for your wonderful product as I will be using this product for the rest of my life. Your service and the professional way you handle orders is amazing.  Thank you for this incredible product that has given me so much confidence in my appearance.

    HD, Victoria

    OMG....I received my Boost n Blend the next day ( great service!!), and I've just tried it. For the 1st time in over 25 years I'm going out with a part!!! I'm so excited. I hoped it would be ok, but I was prepared to be disappointed. But I truly didn't expect it to be so good!! I'm going to Europe in a few weeks, and I was dreading my hair looking awful. Now, I know I won't have to feel embarrassed and self conscious. This is such a weight off my mind. THANKYOU so much

    Danielle (Vic)

    I have recently started using Boost n Blend and it has been a godsend!  Having very fine, very short hair, this product helps cover up bald areas quite well and my hair even feels softer.  Thank you Boost n Blend!

    Candice, Sydney

    Just love your product! I've had fine hair that has thinned out over the last 20yrs due to multiple pregnancies, so your product has given me that sense of having a full head of hair without spending a fortune on treatments!

    Katrina, Tasmania

    Hello, I just received my Boost n Blend just to let you know it is FANTASTIC, BRILLIANT, the BEST thing I ever used. I have spend a lot of money on hairpieces but none were as good as Boost n Blend. Thank you X

    Lisa, Adelaide

    Thanks so much for your product. I still can’t believe it doesn’t come out after I sprinkle it on with or without hair spray. Well done!X

    Coralie, Hornsby

    Boost n Blend is THE most amazing product! I had become so self conscious and uncomfortable about my thinning hair, it was affecting my social life. I would avoid going out because I felt so bad about it.

    If I was in a restaurant, I’d avoid sitting under lights, as this would make my thinning hair more obvious. I’d given up hope of ever finding a product that would help camouflage my thinning hair line.

    I came across Boost n Blend by accident while looking for hair products online. The reviews were so positive, I thought I’d give it a try, I had nothing to lose......except my visible scalp.

    And wow, did it work. It’s a miracle product and I no longer hide or feel uncomfortable. I have also recommended it to some of my friends  who also use it now and love it as much as I do.

    Thank you Boost n Blend for giving me my confidence back!

    Sharon, Sydney

    Boost n blend has given me the confidence to start enjoying life again. Now, I can go out and not have to constantly worry about my thin hair showing or people staring at me. Thank you boost n blend for making it easier to be myself and have fun!

    Pat, NT

    I have been very happy with your product  & will order more

    Carole, QLD

    Thanks to BoostnBlend I now no longer feel self-conscious and worried about my thinning hair. It's so easy to apply and then lasts until my next hair wash. An added benefit is that my hair is less oily and stays looking cleaner for longer too. I'm very thankful for the radio interview with Bambi when I first heard about this wonderful product.

    Zoe, WA

    I have tried different products such as Toppik and Sure Thick.  I am amazed how effective this product is - firstly I don't need to sprinkle as much, coverage is excellent.  It is not messy and it sticks to my hair more efficiently than the other products. 

    It is a brilliant product.

    Felicity, QLD

    Your fantastic product has literally changed my life and feelings of self worth.

    CB, Perth, WA

    I am back to buy more Boost n Blend today! I just love it. It gives you that little bit of help and confidence! Thanks CB