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    Female Hair Loss News — hair fibres

    Hair Volume Boosting Tips

    More Top Tips for Added Hair Volume

    Enjoy Part 2 in our Volume Boosting Tips and Tricks for women with thinning hair series. We share our top tricks for achieving increased Hair Volume here and hope it helps you to achieve gorgeous thick locks!

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    5 Tips to Help Care for Mature Hair

    5 Tips to Help Care for Mature Hair

    Just like our skin, our hair ages too. Everything about our hair from the texture, thickness, moisture and of course, colour, can change leading to dry, damaged hair. Here are our 5 Top Tips to help care for aging and more mature hair. #hairlossawarenessmonth

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    International Women's Day 2021

    International Women's Day, 2021

    Would describe yourself as confident? Or is it a feeling you seem to be searching for; elusive, out of reach, but overflowing in other women you know? Women who seem fearless, who carry themselves with such grace and determination.

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    Hair Loss Story

    Boost N Blend Female Hair Loss Stories

    Female Hair Loss Influencer, Kim Dubs, discusses her hair loss journey with us in this comprehensive interview. I first started experiencing hair loss when I was around 20 years old (I'm 27 now) when I switched birth control types, from a really low dosage pill to a much higher one.

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    Do hair growth gummies and supplements work

    Do Hair Growth Gummies Really Work?

    Whether you have experienced a tragic haircut, post partum hair loss, or androgenetic alopecia, you are not alone if you wish there really was something out there that would grow your hair overnight.  So do hair growth gummies and supplements actually work?

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    How to focus on self-care when stress affects your hair

    When Stress Affects Your Hair

    Hair care is self-care - it really is that simple. We live in an age of extreme busyness and stress. Making (and actually taking!) time for yourself is often more difficult than it should be but we'd like to outline some practical self-care strategies to help both you and your hair!

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    Dry shampoo alternative

    Dry Shampoo Alternative: thinning hair

    Dry shampoo is not good for your hair. It can cause dry, brittle strands and among a host of other negative side effects. If you are a women with thinning hair, then it is a very common misconception that washing your hair every day results in more hair loss.

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    Does Dry Shampoo Cause Hair Loss

    Why Does Dry Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

    For many, dry shampoo has been a real game changer. People generally use it on days when they don't have time to wash, dry or style their hair and as a quick fix between sweaty gym workouts! The best dry shampoos claim to soak up oil and clean your hair water-free…

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